In this study, the effects of the phosphonic acid based sequestering agent EDTMPA used in the textile dye baths on colour and organic matter removal by ozone oxidation was experimentally investigated. Procion Navy HEXL dyestuff that has been commonly used for the reactive dyeing of cellulose fibers was selected as the model component. The organic matter oxidation by ozone was determined to obey the pseudo-first order kinetics as they are treated singly or in combination. COD removal rates obtained from pseudo-first order reaction kinetics showed that oxidation of Navy HEXL alone (0.0947 L/min) was faster than that of EDTMPA (0.0171 L/min) and EDTMPA with dye (0.0155 L/min) at pH 3.0. It was also found that reaction rates of single EDTMPA removal and EDTMPA and dye mixture removal increased as the reaction pH was increased from 3.0 to 10.5.

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