In the pulp and paper industry, the water use minimization is a constant target. One way to reduce water use is to recycle the effluent in a closed-cycle concept. In paper mills, the main source of liquid effluent is the so-called whitewater, which is the excess water, originated from pulp stock dewatering and other fibre contaminated water. This research studied the reuse of paper mill whitewater after membrane ultrafiltration (UF) in the paper machine and in the pulp bleach plant of an integrated mill. Contaminant removal and flux behaviour of the UF system were evaluated. The treatment by ultrafiltration was technically feasible and the treated whitewater had good potential to be reused in some processes in the paper machine. The reuse of ultrafiltered whitewater in the bleaching plant was not recommended because of the high level of soluble calcium present in this stream. Therefore, a combined treatment of the whitewater using the principle of precipitation and ultrafiltration was proposed showing good results and enabling the use of the treated whitewater in the bleach plant.

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