With a series of buffer tank, activated pre-clarifier (SBR) and planted soil filters, it is possible to get a stable degradation and good effluent values in the case of unsteady inflow and changing concentrations. In the process presented here the activated pre-clarifier is working as a denitrification tank and the soil filter as a nitrification reactor. An automatic control manages the storm-water runoff, the water-recirculation returns the nitrate and provides a minimal feed. Experiences with this plant from 1999 to 2005 are given in this paper, research has been done in the project “Planted soil filters as a Biotechnological Process”, founded by the German Federal Environment Foundation (DBU). A full scale pilot plant was built to treat wastewater from composting sides, with a 42 m3 SBR and a bed area of 2 × 550 m2 of the planted soil filters. Now, after six years of operation, the results are still satisfactory. Besides this pilot plant, landfill leakage and municipal wastewater have been treated in a technical scale plant with the same process in an 80 L SBR and 0.75 m2 vertical flow soil filter with good results.

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