Within the “WFD and agriculture activity” both communities agreed to co-operate during implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and further development of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) at EU, Commission and the Member States levels. In intensive discussions including two congresses and biannual working group meetings, seven information reports were produced. Rural Development programmes are unanimously considered to be very powerful instrument to support WFD implementation. However, limited budgets, combined with the large extent of agricultural pressures will considerably restrain the results this instrument might deliver. Limited effects are also expected from the cross-compliance standards, mainly because: the standards do not cover all WFD aspects, and the existing legislation is not implemented with the same rigour in all the Member States. WFD provides additional powerful tools (River Basin Management Planning and Water Pricing discussion) to improve the situation, but the timetables of WFD and CAP do not fit each other. The activity should be continued with an intensive discussion on case and success stories in all the mentioned tools informing both policy areas for the planned evaluation of cross-compliance in 2007, and a mid-term evaluation on rural development in 2009.

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