The particles from carwash wastewater were separated by a hollow fiber membrane aided by a enhanced coagulation and activated carbon. This study demonstrated that the addition of KMnO4 to coagulant (PAC) could enhance the efficiency of coagulation, which helped reduce clogging of the ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon. The existence of LAS can loosen the gel layer on the membrane and improve the flux. Adsorption of particles such as organic matter and oil is the main reason causing membrane flux decrease. When carwash wastewater was pretreated, the permeation flux of membrane showed a higher value. LAS, odour and colour are removed by GAC adsorption treatment at last. The COD, BOD, LAS and oil of reuse water was 33.4 mg/L, 4.8 mg/L, 0.06 mg/L and 0.95 mg/L, respectively.

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