Anaerobic wastewater treatment has become a widely used method for wastewater depuration, and has been applied in a wide range of situations, from urban wastewater to highly toxic industrial wastewater. Particularly it has been successfully applied to the treatment of the beverage industries effluents. To avoid the destabilization of the system a monitoring diagnosis and control system of the depuration processes is necessary. The cost of this system is an important issue, that depends on the number of parameters that must be controlled for an adequate performance of a wastewater plant control system. This work shows how the classic statistical classification techniques can be applied to determine the number variables that must be monitored to achieve an adequate performance of anaerobic UASB–UAF hybrid Pilot Plant monitoring and control system. The obtained results had not been unique, so different combinations of variables can be selected for a good wastewater treatment process control. Economic or technical criteria may be considered to determine the final variables set in each particular situation.

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