This paper describes the design and implementation of AqquaScan, an Internet-based service for remote monitoring and integrated management of decentralised WWTPs. AqquaScan is a multi-user and multi-WWTP service. It has been built according to criteria such as flexibility, scalability and interoperability with the idea of providing an open environment suited to quickly accommodate future scenarios (e.g. incorporation of new plants or upgrading of existing installations). Both, the management of plant information and users interfaces have been implemented in distributed software components that communicate with one another via web services. The implemented web services can be exploited to develop customised user interfaces for visualising the monitored data. By default, a customised web-based client module has been programmed in order for users to be able to exploit the facilities offered within AqquaScan: (1) real-time monitoring of on-line signals; (2) visualisation of historical data; (3) changing operational parameters; (4) notification of time-event information; and (5) storage of measurements from laboratory analysis. At present, AqquaScan is fully operative and is offering supervision services to eleven industrial WWTPs distributed around Northern Spain.

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