Highway pollutants generated mainly from traffics are repeating accumulation, raise, drift and move on the highways. Some of them are removed by road cleanings done regularly, the others are flushed by stormwater into receiving water. The objectives of this study are to survey characteristics of the highway pollutants, and to quantify their behavior on the highways. The study area is a part of Meishin Expressway running through the main island of Japan. Surveys on pollutant runoff from the highway were done for all storm events through one year from December 2004 to November 2005. For the surveys, samples were collected by continuous water sampling during storm events. And chemical substances in each sample such as SS, TOC, TN, TP, heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) for each class of particle size were measured. Using the results of the survey, characteristics of pollutant runoff during storm events were examined. And it cleared the basic unit loads for the highway pollutants throughout a year. As a result, some significant knowledge for the environmental management of highway pollution has been obtained.

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