Decentralized advanced wastewater treatment using adsorption and desorption process for recovery and recycling oriented phosphorus removal was developed. Adsorbent particles made of zirconium were set in a column, and it was installed as subsequent stage of BOD and nitrogen removal type Johkasou, a household domestic wastewater treatment facility. The water quality of the effluent of adsorption column in a number of experimental sites was monitored. The effluent phosphorus concentration was kept below 1 mg l−1 during 90 days at all the sites. Furthermore, over 80% of the sites achieved 1 mg l−1 of T-P during 200 days. This adsorbent was durable, and deterioration of the particles was not observed over a long duration. The adsorbent collected from each site was immersed in alkali solution to desorb phosphorus. Then the adsorbent was reactivated by soaking in acid solution. The reactivated adsorbent was reused and showed almost the same phosphorus adsorption capacity as a new one. Meanwhile, the desorbed phosphorus was recovered with high purity as trisodium phosphate by crystallization. It is proposed as a new decentralized system for recycling phosphorus that paves the way to high-purity recovery of finite phosphorus.

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