Results of investigations concerning membrane bioreactor aeration are presented which were carried out at the Institute of Environmental Engineering of RWTH Aachen University (ISA) in cooperation with the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Technische Universität Berlin. In the field of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment the use of membrane bioreactors (MBR) is of increasing interest especially due to the high requirements on effluent quality nowadays. The design of aeration systems is a very important aspect of MBR development because it influences both cost of operation and filtration flux. The ISA has carried out tests concerning the velocity flow pattern in flat sheet membrane modules (developed by the A3 Water Solutions GmbH) to identify the effects of different aeration systems, aeration intensities and module constructions. The Department of Chemical Engineering is currently using the results obtained from the ADV to calibrate a numerical model which simulates two phase water and gas flow within an aerated membrane module. Optical investigations concerning the bubble distribution give a better understanding of the flow conditions in MBR. Developing a numerical tool for membrane module optimization concerning the hydrodynamics is the aim of the investigation of membrane bioreactor aeration.

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