One of the most limiting factors for the extension and acceptance of MBR filtration systems for municipal and industrial wastewater is the impact of membrane fouling on maintenance, operation and cleaning efforts. One field of action in the European Research Project “AMEDEUS” is the development and testing of MBR module concepts with innovative fouling-prevention technology from three European module manufacturers.

This article deals with the performances of the flat-sheet modules by A3 Water Solutions GmbH in double-deck configuration evaluated over 10 months in Anjou Recherche under typical biological operation conditions for MBR systems (MLSS = 10 g/l; SRT = 25 days). By using a double-deck configuration, it is possible to operate with a net flux of 25.5 l/m2.h at 20°C, a membrane air flow rate of 0.21 Nm3/h.m2of membrane to achieve a stable permeability of around 500–600 l/ Additionally, it was observed that it is possible to recover the membrane performance after biofouling during operation without intensive cleaning and to maintain stable permeability during peak flows.The evaluated concepts for equipping and operating MBR systems will be applied to several full-scale plants constructed by A3 Water Solutions GmbH.

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