In this paper, struvite (MgNH4PO4·6H2O) precipitation kinetics were studied with different operating conditions (varying supersaturation, pH, Mg:P ratio, degree of mixing and seeding conditions) and relevant rate constants were determined by fitting a slightly modified first-order kinetic model to the experimental data obtained. The rate of change of ortho-P concentration in the bulk solutions increases with increasing supersaturation ratio. The estimated rate constants are 2.034, 1.716 and 0.690 hr−1 for the supersaturation ratio of 9.64, 4.83, and 2.44, respectively. Kinetic parameters were also evaluated for the Mg:P ratio between the ranges of 1.0 and 1.6, indicating higher phosphorus removal efficiency with increasing Mg:P ratio. The rate constants were found to be 0.942, 2.034 and 2.712 hr−1 for Mg:P ratios of 1.0, 1.3 and 1.6, respectively. The experimental observations for kinetic study of struvite precipitation with different stirrer speeds clearly show that the mixing intensity used had little effect on the intrinsic rate constants. K values found to be 2.034 and 1.902 h−1 for 100 and 70 rpm, respectively. Seeding, with 250–500 μm of seed crystals during the struvite precipitation kinetics test, was found to have very little effect on the ortho-P removal.

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