We developed and evaluated a framework for the continuous use of dynamic models in daily management and operation of WWTPs. The overall aim is to generate knowledge and build in-house capacity for the reliable use of dynamic models in practice (within a regional water authority in The Netherlands). To this end, we have adopted a life cycle approach, where the plant model follows the different stages that make up the typical lifespan of a plant. Since this approach creates a framework in which models are continuously reused, it is more efficient in terms of resources and investment than the traditional approach where one always makes a new model for the plant whenever it is needed. The methodology was evaluated successfully at a 50,000 PE domestic EBPR plant (Haaren, The Netherlands). It is shown that the continuous use and update of models in a cyclic manner creates a learning cycle, which results in experience and knowledge generation about the plant's modelling that accumulates and translates into improvements into the modelling quality and efficiency. Moreover, a model is now always on-the-shelf for process optimization.

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