Long term performance of mediator-less and membrane-less microbial fuel cell (ML-MFC) was evaluated for treatment of synthetic and actual sewage and electricity harvesting. The anode chamber of ML-MFC was inoculated with pre-heated mixed anaerobic sludge collected from a septic tank. The ML-MFC was operated by feeding synthetic wastewater for first 244 days, under different organic loading rates, and later with actual sewage for next 30 days. Maximum chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency of 91.4% and 82.7% was achieved while treating synthetic wastewater and actual sewage, respectively. Maximum current of 0.33 mA and 0.17 mA was produced during synthetic and actual sewage treatment, respectively. Maximum power density of 6.73 mW/m2 (13.65 mW/m3) and maximum current density of 70.74 mA/m2 was obtained in this membrane-less MFC with successful organic matter removal from wastewater.

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