Two 6-L submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactors (SAMBR) with SRT of 30 and 60 d (denoted as R30 and R60, respectively) were set up and operated for five months, with a mixture of glucose as substrate. Feasibility of SAMBR was studied for treatment of low-strength wastewater. First two months were identified as acclimation stage. A COD removal efficiency was achieved stably at around 99% and biogas productions were maintained at 0.023 and 0.028 L CH4/gMLVSS∙d for R30 and R60, respectively. Even though R60 contained higher MLVSS concentration, no significant difference of treatment performances between both reactors was found due to the low organic loading rate and high purification function of membrane. In the investigation of membrane fouling, less irreversible fouling was observed for R30 compared to R60. High non-flocculent concentration of R60 would be responsible for membrane internal pore blocking and deteriorated effluent quality.

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