Fish canning effluents characterized by their salt content, up to 30 g NaCl/L, were treated, previously diluted to desired concentration, in a SBR where aerobic granular sludge was produced. The formation of mature aerobic granules occurred after 75 days of operation with 3.4 mm of diameter, SVI of 30 mL/g VSS and density around 60 g VSS/L-granule. Treated organic loading rates were up to 1.72 kg COD/(m3·d) with fully organic matter depletion. Ammonia nitrogen was removed via nitrification-denitrification up to 40% when nitrogen loading rates were of 0.18 kg N/(m3·d). The presence of salt in the treated effluent did not cause a detrimental effect on the operation of the reactor once the aerobic granules were formed.

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