Co-digestion appears to be an interesting solution to increase the biogas production of poorly performing under-loaded digesters of waste activated sludge. In the Florence WWTP anaerobic codigestion could increase nitrogen and phosphorus loading rates and thus lower the nutrient removal efficiency. In order to develop an integrated solution to upgrade the Florence WWTP, the different process units were tested in experimental plants. Anaerobic codigestion with source-collected organic solid waste in a pilot-scale bioreactor showed an increase of GPR from 0.15 to 0.45 Nl biogas/l/d with 23% of organic waste loaded. Autotrophic nitrogen removal was carried out in two lab-scale pilot plants which were fed with a real anaerobic supernatant after phosphate removal via struvite formation. The nitritation MBBR has been working for one year at steady-state conditions with a perfect nitrite/ammonium ratio equal to 1:1. Anammox biomass enrichment was performed in a suspended biomass SBR and the specific nitrogen removal rate increased from 1.7 to 58 gN/kgVSS/d in 375 days.

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