The Anaerobic Digestion Model No. 1 (ADM1) can be used to describe treatment of dairy manure once manure characteristics have been incorporated in the model. In this paper a parameter set is presented that can be used with ADM1 for simulation of dairy manure digester performance. Model results have been verified with bench-scale experiments and reported data from full-scale systems. Model predictions fit experimental data best for biogas composition and digester effluent COD. Simulated biogas productions were inconsistent with measurements from three different digesters. The model overpredicted acetogenesis, resulting in higher simulated than observed acetate concentrations. However, total volatile acid concentrations were simulated reasonably well. The model consistently predicted higher inorganic nitrogen than measured or reported results, indicating a need for further research in that area. The presented model and associated parameter set can be used to simulate and optimize the performance of full-scale dairy manure digesters.

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