In the present study, our objectives were (1) using the Ames assay, to evaluate the change in mutagenicity of a fenitrothion-containing solution during aerobic biodegradation, anaerobic biodegradation, and photodegradation, and (2) to identify possible mutagenic transformed products (TPs) that contributed substantially to any increase in mutagenicity. Mutagenicity of the fenitrothion-containing solution did not increase during aerobic biodegradation with any of the tested bacterial strains. In contrast, the mutagenicity increased for strain YG1029 during anaerobic biodegradation because of the generation of a strongly mutagenic TP, amino-fenitrothion. During photodegradation, mutagenicities increased slightly for YG1021 and YG1024, possibly owing to the production of a previously unreported mutagenic TP.

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