The paper deals with the real application of a strategy, based on process control automation and remote on-line supervision, for the wastewater treatment in a piedmont. Three existing small wastewater treatment plants were selected to be upgraded and to be included into a network remotely supervised. Further, the potentialities of the process control automation were enhanced by the appropriate upgrading of the whole plant. A consolidated alternating nitrification and denitrification process was applied for the biological treatment. The selected plants well represent the area of Autonomous Province of Trento because they are characterized by remarkable seasonal fluctuation. After five months of experimentation data processed show the real stable high quality of the treated effluent in terms of total nitrogen content. Moreover, the power requirements are significantly reduced according the correct energy policy. The performances of the new biological process applied and the economical balance, put in evidence the gain by chosing the AC technology for upgrading small WWTPs.

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