The paper presents the one year results obtained by a small wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) located in a decentralized area. The plant was organized, reusing current structures, introducing an equalization tank, an anoxic selector and the alternate cycles (AC) as technology in the biological process. The experimentation data processed show the excellent quality of the effluent with high removal efficencies for all the macropollutants. Also, the anoxic selector effect allows, in the critical winter period, the decrease in the filamentous bacteria total number, a net improvement of the settling behaviour with an average solid maximum flux value of 3.8 kgMLSSm−2 h−1 and a good mixed liquor settleability. The alternate cycles process flexibility consents to well manage the high fluctuations of the influent loadings. The costs comparison of AC process and extended aeration confirms the sustainability of the upgrading.

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