The combination of chemical and biological treatment processes is a promising technique to reduce refractory organics from wastewater. Ozonation can achieve high color removal, enhance biodegradability, and reduce the chemical oxygen demand (COD). The biological technique can further decrease COD of wastewater after ozonation as a pre-treatment. In this study the ozonizing-biological aerated filter processes were used to treat textile washing wastewater for reuse after conventional treatment. The result showed that when the influent qualities were COD about 80 mg/L, color 16 degree and turbidity about 8 NTU, using the combination processes with the dosages of ozone at 30–45 mg/L with the hydraulic retention time (HRT) of biological aerated filter (BAF) at 3–4 hours respectively, gave effluent qualities of COD less than 30 mg/L, color 2 degree and turbidity less than 1NTU. The cost of treatment was less than one yuan/t wastewater, and these processes could enable high quality washing water reuse in textile industry.

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