During the reconstruction of horizontal flow tanks into inclined settling tanks in Chinese water plants, uniformity of water distribution has not been solved theoretically. Based on the concepts of hydraulics, a model of inclined tanks, including the ratio (L/B) of tank length (L) to width (B), diameter of inclined tubes (d) and height of the water distribution area (h1) and so on, was established to simulate and analyze the effects of these parameters on Non-Uniformity of Water Distribution (NUWD). The influences of NUWD on settling efficiency were also analyzed based on Yao's formula. Simulated results show that the ratio (L/B) has the greatest impact on NUWD, and the settling efficiency decreases with it. Under the conditions of q=10 or 20 m/h and L/B≥5 or 3, the total forces imposed on down-sliding flocs tend to be zero, which reduces the separating efficiency. Moreover, critical settling velocity (CSV) of the first inclined tube will decrease with the increase of h1, and the optimal range of h1 will be 1.2–1.6 m. The difference of CSV between the first tube and the average value of the tank u0 (shown as Δ(uF0u0)) will increase with d and surface load (q).

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