To obtain economically sustainable wastewater treatment, advanced nitrogen removal from municipal wastewater and the feasibility of achieving and stabilizing short-cut nitrification and denitrification were investigated in a pilot-plant sequencing batch reactor (SBR) with a working volume of 54 m3. Advanced nitrogen removal, from summer to winter, with effluent TN lower than 3 mg/L and nitrogen removal efficiency above 98% was successfully achieved in pulsed-feed SBR. Through long-term application of process control in pulsed-feed SBR, nitrite accumulation reached above 95% at normal temperature of 25°C. Even in winter, at the lowest temperature of 13°C, nitrite was still the end production of nitrification and nitrite accumulation was higher than 90%. On the basis of achieving advanced nitrogen removal, short-cut nitrification and denitrification was also successfully achieved. Compare to the pulse-feed SBR with fixed time control, the dosage of carbon source and energy consumption in pulsed-feed SBR with process control were saved about 30% and 15% respectively. In pulsed-feed SBR with process control, nitrogen removal efficiency was greatly improved. Moreover, consumption of power and carbon source was further saved.

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