Three new strains named LPA11, LPB11 and LPC24 were isolated to investigate the patterns of indole degradation and ammonia oxidation in swine wastewater from different parts of a swine wastewater treatment system by the direct spreading plate method. These three isolates were all identified as Pseudomonas putida based on 16S-rDNA gene sequences, main physiological and biochemical analysis. They were capable of decomposing 1.0 mM indole completely in 10, 16 and 18 days respectively. According to the results of HPLC and GC/MS, the possible pathway for the degradation was via oxindole, isatin and anthranilic acid. The three bacteria were capable of oxidizing ammonia, and the strains LPA11 and LPC24 were capable of effectively reducing nitrate and nitrite.

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