Natural organic matter such as guar and humus are recalcitrant to conventional pretreatment technologies and can potentially foul processes such as membranes during water treatment. An innovative method of using synthetic layered double hydroxides (LDH) was investigated for removing common natural organic matter in the form of guar gum (GG) and humic acid (HA) from water. Adsorption isotherms were evaluated with Langmuir and Freundlich models. Results show the affinity of GG and HA to LDH to be 11.31 and 9.33 mg g−1 LDH, respectively. Kinetic isotherms indicate that the sorbing rates of LDH to GG and HA increase with initial GG and HA concentrations, fitting a pseudo-second order model. This study demonstrate that LDH may be an effective material in removing GG and HA from waters and offer an alternative to conventional pretreatment technologies for the mitigation fouling of membrane and other systems in water treatment.

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