This paper presents the Constructed Wetland Model No1 (CWM1), a general model to describe biochemical transformation and degradation processes for organic matter, nitrogen and sulphur in subsurface flow constructed wetlands. The main objective of CWM1 is to predict effluent concentrations from constructed wetlands without predicting gaseous emissions. CWM1 describes aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic processes and is therefore applicable to both horizontal and vertical flow systems. 17 processes and 16 components (8 soluble and 8 particulate) are considered. CWM1 is based on the mathematical formulation as introduced by the IWA Activated Sludge Models (ASMs). It is important to note that besides the biokinetic model a number of other processes including porous media hydrodynamics, the influence of plants, the transport of particles/suspended matter to describe clogging processes, adsorption and desorption processes and physical re-aeration must be considered for the formulation of a full model for constructed wetlands

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