The effect of temperature on the kinetic parameters involved in the main reactions of the anaerobic digestion process was studied. Batch tests with starch, glucose and acetic acid as substrates for hydrolysis, acidogenesis and methanogenesis, respectively, were performed in a temperature range between 15 and 45°C. First order kinetics was assumed to determine the hydrolysis rate constant, while Monod and Haldane kinetics were considered for acidogenesis and methanogenesis, respectively. The results obtained showed that the anaerobic process is strongly influenced by temperature, with acidogenesis exerting the highest effect. The Cardinal Temperature Model 1 with an inflection point (CTM1) fitted properly the experimental data in the whole temperature range, except for the maximum degradation rate of acidogenesis. A simple case-study assessing the effect of temperature on an anaerobic CSTR performance indicated that with relatively simple substrates, like starch, the limiting reaction would change depending on temperature. However, when more complex substrates are used (e.g. sewage sludge), the hydrolysis might become more quickly into the limiting step.

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