A new advanced oxidation processes: electrochemical oxidation with iron promoting (EOIP) was presented and the treatment of an actual industrial wastewater from acrylonitrile production by three advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) has been studied: Fenton oxidation (FO), electro-Fenton oxidation (EFO), and electrochemical oxidation with iron promoting (EOIP). It was found that all the three processes were able to treat this wastewater, but different results in terms of efficiency and different behaviors were obtained. When the same dosage of H2O2 was added to the wastewater, the oxidation power of three AOPs increased in the order: FO < EFO < EOIP. Under the condition of higher dosage of H2O2, the three AOPs applied could achieve the better color removal. When the dosage of H2O2 was lower than 1,500 mg l−1, the color of the wastewater after treated increased from FO and EFO due to the formation of Fe (III) complexes, but this was not found in EOIP. The results of this work indicate that EOIP is a promising alternative for COD and color removal from organic wastewater.

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