For simultaneous carbon and nitrogen removal via single stream, a microbial fuel cell (MFC) coupled with an aeration chamber and a bio-cathode was investigated. Without catalysts and any additional buffer, the MFC produced electricity continuously and the power density reached 1.3 W/m3 at a loading rate of 1.6 kg COD/m3 d. Simultaneously, the COD and the nitrate removal rate were 1.4 kg COD/m3 d and 67 g NO3-N/m3 d, respectively. When the hydraulic retention time was changed from 6 to 0.75 hours, the power density significantly increased from 0.2 to 10.8 W/m3 due to an increase of cathodic potential. When the aeration chamber was removed and the nitrate was injected into the cathode, the power density increased to 3.7 W/m3. At a high recirculation rate of 10 ml/min, the power density and the nitrate removal rate greatly increased to 34 W/m3 and 294 g NO3-N/m3 d, respectively.

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