The Besòs River Basin authority is working towards the implementation of integrated river basin management, as required by the Water Framework Directive (WFD), to achieve a good ecological and chemical status of all water bodies by 2015. The studied system is constituted by two communities (La Garriga and Granollers), their corresponding draining catchments, sewer systems and two WWTPs, which discharge treated water at different locations of the same river. Within this context, the realisation of an integrated model of the river stretch and of the two WWTPs with their sewer systems and draining catchments was necessary. Such a model allows to efficiently simulate and analyse the behaviour of the integrated system and to optimize its performance holistically. In this article, a method is presented to generate rules to be implemented in a supervisory system for automatic management of the Integrated Urban Wastewater System (IUWS) in dry and storm weather. This is achieved by identifying, with the help of Monte Carlo simulations, the most performing operational parameters—according to environmental and economic criteria—for the two weather conditions.

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