Landfill leachate is one of the major contamination sources. In this study, the ability of synthetic ion exchange resins which carry different mobile ion for removing color, chemical oxygen demand (COD), and ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) from stabilized leachate was investigated. The synthetic resin INDION 225 Na as a cationic exchanger and INDION FFIP MB as an anionic exchanger were used in this study. INDION 225 Na was used in hydrogen form (H+) and in sodium form (Na+), while INDION FFIP MB resin was used in hydroxide form (OH) and in calcium form (Cl) form. The results indicated better removal of color, COD and NH3-N by using INDION 225 Na in H+ as compared with Na+ form, while no performance differences were observed by using INDION FFIP MB in OH or Cl form. Applying cationic resin followed by anionic resin achieved 97, 88 and 94, percent removal of color, COD and NH3-N. The residual amounts were 160 Pt-Co, 290 mg/L and 110 mg/L of color, COD and NH3-N respectively.

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