Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) and multifractal methods are applied to the time-scaling properties analysis of water pH series in Poyang Lake Inlet and Outlet in China. The results show that these pH series are characterised by long-term memory and multifractal scaling, and these characteristics have obvious differences between the Lake Inlet and Outlet. The comparison results suggest that monofractal and multifractal parameters can be quantitative dynamical indexes reflecting the capability of anti-acidification of Poyang Lake. Furthermore, we investigated the frequency-size distribution of pH series in Poyang Lake Inlet and Outlet. Our findings suggest that water pH is an example of a self-organised criticality (SOC) process. The results show that it is different SOC behaviours that result in the differences of power-law relations between pH series in Poyang Lake Inlet and Outlet. This work can be helpful to improvement of modelling of lake water quality.

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