Effect of the solution initial pH was investigated on the performance of photo-Fenton process using Fe-ZSM5 zeolite as a heterogeneous catalyst for degradation of azo dye Acid Red 14. All experiments were performed in a 1.0 L tubular closed circulation batch photo-reactor. The dye degradation quantum yield was maximal when the solution initial pH was about 5. An amount of about 0.3 mg L−1 of Fe ions leached out of the zeolite. However, monitoring Fe ion concentration during the experiments showed that the efficiency of the process is not due to the leached Fe ions. The effect of pH on decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide in different systems such as H2O2 alone, UV/H2O2, UV/Zeolite and UV/Zeolite/H2O2 was explored in detail to explain the results obtained.

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