The degradation of dye crystal violet (CV) by Fenton oxidation process was investigated. The UV–Vis spectrogram has shown that CV can be degraded effectively by Fenton oxidation process. Different system variables namely initial H2O2 concentration, initial Fe2 +  concentration and reaction temperature, which have effect on the degradation of CV by Fenton oxidation process, have been studied systematically. The degradation kinetics of CV was also elucidated based on the experimental data. The degradation of CV obeys the first-order reaction kinetics. The kinetic model can be described as k = 1.5 exp(−(7.5)/(RT))[H2O2]00.8718[Fe2+]00.5062. According to the IR spectrogram, it is concluded that the benzene ring of crystal violet has been destroyed by Fenton oxidation. The result will be useful in treating dyeing wastewater containing CV by Fenton oxidation process.

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