This study assesses the performance of stormwater best management practices (BMPs) in industrial sectors and their effluent quality to facilitate the development of technology-based numerical effluent criteria. Generally, retention ponds outperform other BMP types for reducing total suspended solids, and media filter and wetland basins outperform other BMPs for metal removal. Detention basins were not effective in reducing stormwater pollution although they can retain the stormwater before entering surface waters. However, many BMPs show high variability of influent and effluent concentrations and no significant difference between them, which makes it difficult to determine the effectiveness of the BMP. In some cases, low influent concentrations govern the distribution of effluent concentrations and effluent concentrations are often greater than inflow concentrations. The analysis results can be used to assist in the developing a watershed based multisector industrial stormwater general permit to ensure compliance with total maximum daily loads. The results also suggest the need for additional monitoring data.

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