In this study, contaminant degradation, priority performance, intermediates, and kinetics in catalytic oxidation of Acetyl-Pyrimidine wastewater by Fenton reagent were investigated. In batch experiments, the main parameters that govern the complex reactive system, i.e. temperature, pH, Fe2 + , and H2O2 initial concentrations have been studied. The results showed total COD and Acetyl-Pyrimidine removal was above 50% and 90% respectively under the following oxidation conditions: T at 25°C, pH at 3.5, H2O2 at 300 mmol/l, Fe2 +  at 40 mmol/l, with the reaction time 2 h. Control experiment and UV-Infrared spectrums analysis indicated that Acetyl-Pyrimidine was removed prior to the small molecule organic. The reaction fit to a first-order rate equation and the activation energy of Pyrimidine was 2.365 kJ/mol.

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