The kinetics of zinc, cadmium, and lead ions removal by natural zeolite-clinoptilolite has been investigated using an agitated batch adsorber. Batch experiments at constant temperature have been performed. The influence of agitation speed, initial heavy metals concentration and particle size of the sorbent on the removal efficiency of heavy metals from liquid phase have been studied. A decrease in the initial heavy metals concentration in aqueous solutions prolongs the time needed for equilibrium. Two kinetics models according to the Vermeulen's approximation and the parabolic diffusion model have been tested with the experimental data for adsorption of heavy metals onto natural zeolite. For the systems examined, the fit of the proposed models with the experimental data was shown to be equally good using both models. The diffusion coefficients are calculated from kinetic models of heavy metal ions and they are of the order from 10−5 to 10−6 cm2/min. The diffusion coefficients depend on initial concentration for both models.

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