A mesoporous SBA-15 doped iron oxide (Fe2O3/SBA-15) was synthesized by co-codensation, characterized and used as heterogeneous catalysts for the photo-Fenton decolorization of azo dye Orange II under UV irradiation. Response surface methodology (RSM) was used to investigate operating condition effects, such as hydrogen peroxide concentration, initial pH and catalyst loadings, on the decolorization rate. UV irradiation is found to enhance the activity of the catalyst in the process. RSM analysis evidenced the influence of the initial pH value and H2O2 concentration on the dye degradation rate. The coupled UV/Fe2O3/SBA-15/H2O2 process at room temperature is revealed as a promising friendly process for wastewater treatment. Indeed, the use of a heterogeneous catalyst allows an easy active phase recycling without multi-step recovering while the heterogeneous catalyst used here exhibits high catalytic activity for the reaction considered.

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