Contact glow discharge electrolysis (CGDE) of Cationic Blue SD-GTL (CB) was investigated by determining degradation rates and rate constants under different voltages, pH, temperature and initial concentrations. The results indicated that 500 V was the optimum voltage for CGDE of CB under experimental conditions. The effect of pH was not appreciable. Fe2 +  and Fe3 +  had a remarkable catalytic effect on the degradation of CB. The degradation rate was up to 99.7% after 3 minutes CGDE treatment when the concentration of Fe2 +  was 20.0 mg/L. And when the concentration of Fe3 +  was 5.0 mg/L, the degradation rate was only 68.6% after 10 minutes CGDE treatment. The reaction mechanisms were also well illustrated by relative reactions and their rate constants. It had been demonstrated that CB underwent oxidative degradation in CGDE.

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