FeIII supported on resin (FeIII-resin) as an effective catalyst for peroxide oxidation was prepared and applied for the degradation of p-nitrophenol (PNP). Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation (CWPO) experiments with hydrogen peroxide as oxidant were performed in a batch rector with p-nitrophenol as the model pollutant. Under given conditions (PNP concentration 500 mg/L, H2O2 0.1 M, 80°C, resin dosage 0.6% g/mL), p-nitrophenol was almost completely removed, corresponding to an 84% of COD removal. It was found that the reaction temperature, oxidant concentration. and initial pH of solution significantly affected both p-nitrophenol conversion and COD removal by oxidation. It can be inferred from the experiments that FeIII supported on resin was an effective catalyst in the mineralization of p-nitrophenol. In an acidic environment of oxidation, the leaching test showed that there was only a slight leaching effect on the activity of catalytic oxidation. It was also confirmed by the aging test of catalysts in the oxidation.

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