This work is focused on the study of the suitability of the photo-Fenton process as a pretreatment for water highly contaminated with a methomyl commercial formulation in Advanced Greenhouses devices. Initial concentrations of reagents and pesticide were evaluated according to a central composite experimental design, with methomyl depletion and biocompatibility of the final effluent as response functions. A triad of optimal operation conditions could be determined, [Met.]0=50 mg L−1, [H2O2]0=254 mg L−1 and [Fe2 + ]0=77 mg L−1 for the best elimination yield and an acceptable BOD5/COD value, and initial concentration of methomyl can be established as the most important parameter for the performance of the treatment due to the limitations that impose on the hydrogen peroxide doses in the presence of the excipients of the commercial formulation.

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