The characteristics of self-forming dynamic membrane (DM) in sequencing bioreactors under different sludge retention times (SRT) (SRT = 5, 10, 20, 40, 60 days) were studied using a scanning electron microscope, particle sizing distribution and others. The results indicated that the SRT has an evident effect on the characteristics of DM. The content of extracellular polymeric substances and protein decreased with the increase of SRT. The change of polysaccharide was small regardless of SRT. The filtration resistance of the DM was divided into two stages: an initial slowly-rising stage and a fast-rising later stage which were both irrespective of SRT. With the increase of SRT, the filtration resistance increase extent reduced and the running cycle became longer. Compared to the lower SRT, the particle size distribution of mixed liquor and DM has a decreasing trend at higher SRT. The average particle size of DM was larger than that of the mixed liquor irrespective of SRT. The amounts and types of microorganisms on the surface of DM were more abundant as SRT increased. Low SRT produced the DM surface with some Cocci while the high SRT gave the DM dominated with Cocci, Filamentous and Bacillus.

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