Wastewater regulation and treatment is still a major concern in planetary pollution management. Some pollutants, referred to as particulate matter, consist of very small particles just suspended in the water. Various techniques are used for the suspended particles survey. Few of them are able to provide real-time data. The development of new, real time instruments needs the confrontation with real wastewater. Due its instability, the modeling of wastewater in terms of suspended solids was explored.

Knowing the description of real wastewater, we tried to produce a synthetic mixture made of basic organic ingredients. A good agreement in terms of turbidity and settling velocity was observed between the artificial wastewater matrix and the real one. The investigation of the individual contribution of the different compounds to the acoustical signal showed a more complex dependance. Thus the modeling of wastewater with reference to turbidity and settling velocity is not sufficient to describe it acoustically. Further studies should lead to a good comparison of the acoustical and turbidity behavior of wastewater.

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