Series of experiments for phenol degradation with assistance of TiO2 catalyst at pH of 6.5 and temperature of 25°C were conducted using a lab-scale electrochemical reactor constructed in our laboratory. According to the results, at the presence of the TiO2 catalyst the removal of phenol was increased and first-order kinetics could describe the evolution of phenol concentration. For inspecting the relationship between rate constants and dosage of TiO2, two possible kinetics were proposed in this study. Contrasted to the abundant experimental data, a reasonable kinetics was obtained for the estimation of phenol concentration effluent during continuous flow of raw wastewater, especially when the TiO2 dosage was less than 0.5 g L−1. The model obtained from these experiments could employed for the calculation of rate constants at different TiO2 dosage and the necessary dosage of catalyst when a discharge standard was designed.

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