This paper introduces a versatile approach for surface modification of 621-terylene filtration fabric (FF) self-assembled by a dynamic layer-by-layer technique. The hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (HTAB) and cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol microspheres (PVA-MS) were alternatively deposited on support membrane under a pressure of 0.01 MPa to modify FF. Morphological changes and hydrophilicity of the modified FF were characterized in detail by scanning electron micrograph and water contact angle measurements. Results revealed that PVA-MS could be adsorbed mainly on the surface of FF and water contact angle decreased with the increase of HTAB/PVA-MS bilayer numbers indicating an enhanced hydrophilicity for the modified FF. Backwash experiments of the modified FF exhibited much higher stability of PVA-MS. Protein adsorption experiments were conducted to evaluate the antifouling property of the modified FF. Results indicated that protein adsorption of the membrane surface could be obviously improved by modification, which exhibited superior antifouling property of the modified FF.

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