A new method for testing the effectiveness of chemical products for sulfide control in sewers is reported. The method, called SCORe-CT (Sewer Corrosion and Odour Research – Chemical Testing), consists of two specially designed laboratory-scale systems that mimic sulfide production in real rising main sewers, and a multi-phase and multi-facet testing protocol. The monitoring tools/methods include both routine chemical analysis of various sulfurous and carbonaceous compounds in liquid and their on-line monitoring using advanced sensors. Molecular methods and microelectrodes can also be employed to examine the microbial structure and activity of sewer biofilms. The SCORe-CT method is not proposed to replace field trials but to screen chemicals prior to their often costly trials/applications in field conditions. For effective chemicals the method helps to reveal the mechanisms involved, and assists with the design of optimal dosage strategies, which would significantly reduce application costs. In this paper, the method is explained in detail and demonstrated with several case studies.

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