Effective water treatment is the prime goal of every water treatment facility. Chakwal Water Treatment Plant in Pakistan has been treating high-turbidity surface water through crude coagulation, sedimentation and slow sand filtration since the early 1980s. The process has always been tedious in terms of high coagulant dosage, large volumes of sludge and short filter runs especially after wet spells. A laboratory-scale study was conducted to see if roughing filtration, as the pre-treatment process, would help in reducing coagulant dose and sludge volume and improving effluent quality. Results indicated that up-flow rouging filtration with media grades decreasing in the direction of flow could reduce wet weather raw water turbidity (by more than 90%) and coagulant dose. Overall, the plant could save over US $54,000 annually in terms of coagulant cost only. Longer filter runs, improved product water quality leading to lower chlorine dose requirement, would be additional benefits.

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