Algogenic organic matter (AOM) was extracted from blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and its characteristic was determined by various methods including high-pressure size-exclusion chromatography (HP-SEC), hydrophobic and hydrophilic fractionation, molecular weight (MW) fractionation and fluorescence excitation emission matrix (EEM). The results revealed that AOM was hydrophilic fractionation predominantly, accounting for 78%. The specific ultraviolet absorbance of AOM was 1.1 L/(mg m) only. The analysis for MW distribution demonstrated that organic matter greater than 30,000 MW accounted for over 40% and was composed of mostly neutral hydrophilic compound. EEM analyses revealed that protein-like and humic-substances existed in AOM. A test for membrane filtration exhibited that AOM could make ultrafiltration membrane substantial flux decline, which can be attributed to membrane pore clog caused by neutral hydrophilic compound with larger MW.

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