This study applies photo-Fenton and photo-Fenton-like systems to decolorize C.I. Reactive Red 2 (RR2). The oxidants were H2O2 and Na2S2O8; Fe2+, Fe3+, and Co2+ were used to activate these two oxidants. The effects of oxidant concentration (0.3–2 mmol/L) and temperature (25–55 °C) on decolorization efficiency of the photo-Fenton and photo-Fenton-like systems were determined. The decolorization rate constants (k) of RR2 in the tested systems are consistent with pseudo-first-order kinetics. The rate constant increased as oxidant concentration and temperature increased. Activation energies of RR2 decolorization in the UV/H2O2/Fe2+, UV/H2O2/Fe3+, UV/Na2S2O8/Fe2+ and UV/Na2S2O8/Fe3+ systems were 32.20, 39.54, 35.54, and 51.75 kJ/mol, respectively.

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